A world based on respect and trust.

With like-minded colleagues, Dr. George Thompson is creating a world based on respect, trust, understanding, and compassion, where people are inspired and empowered to work together to create their hearts' desires without resorting to fear, shame or force.

"Dr. Thompson’s philosophy of medical education is profound.  It rests upon his foundational belief that there are parallels between the roles of investigator, educator, and clinician.  That belief gives Dr. Thompson’s work an appealing coherence which provides practical answers to the conundrums that educators and clinicians face in their practices.  That belief directs him to consider a range of approaches drawn from basic science, behavior/social sciences, education, and clinical medicine for his scholarship..."

"Dr. Thompson lives his philosophy.  The depth of his philosophy, plus his abiding curiosity aiming to better the human condition, explain Dr. Thompson’s continuing contribution to medical education."

From Dr. Louise Arnold, Professor Emerita of Medical Education and Research, at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine


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