Physician Services

Dr. George Thompson supports physicians, clinics, hospitals and healthcare systems with training and presentations on physician wellness and wellbeing, medical communication, the doctor-patient relationship and professionalism. 

Who would benefit from this training?
Hospitals who are empowering their physicians to provide compassionate, connected care to patients and families

One-hour presentations
Goal: To educate physicians about the neurobiology of the doctor-patient relationship
Why: The neurophysiology of safety explains and predicts effective, humanistic doctor-patient interactions
Learn to:

  • Identify three neurophysiologic states related to safety in self and patients
  • Recognize the extent of patient fears of medical providers, clinics and hospitals
  • Understand that brains work better in the presence of a trusted other
  • Increase physician’s ability to maintain a compassionate mindset in difficult circumstances

Three-hour trainings
: To train physicians to make deep connections with patients
Why: Strong connections empower the physician and patient to collaborate effectively
Learn to:

  • Apply neurobiology knowledge to moment-to-moment changes in the doctor-patient relationship
  • Utilize an evidence-based approach to strengthening the doctor-patient relationship
  • Practice and improve professional connection skills through role play and feedback
  • Effectively manage the challenges of providing humanistic medical care when demands are high